The English School has a few openings for school year 2017-2018.

Grade 2 (2009 born) registrations by 13.4.2017 / entrance test 20.4.2017
Grade 3 (2008 born) & Grade 4 (2007 born) registrations by 21.4.2017 / entrance test 27.4.2017
Grade 7 (2004 born) registrations by 13.4.2017 / entrance test 21.4.2017

The English School collection spring 2017

Make your order by May 7th, 2017. Link to order form
Tilaa 7.5.2017 mennessä. Linkki tilauslomakkeeseen


May Day Balloons! Funds for IT needs
Vappupalloilla tietotekniikkaa!

School days and Vacations 2016–2017 and 2017–2018


Learning for life
Finnish schools are undergoing their biggest transformation since the 1970s. 
Blue Wings goes behind the scenes to find out what’s on the new student-centric curriculum. Read more...