The English School has appointed a new principal

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May Day Balloons!
Funds for Mini iPads

The balloon sale takes place in front of the Mäntytie school at
April 28 at 12–5.30 p.m.
April 29 at 12–5.30 p.m.

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TES beats 12 schools at the National Debate Competition


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The Friends of the English School

Friends' Newsletter 2/2014

About the English School

The English School is a private, national language school based on Christian values. The Ministry of Education has placed a special responsibility on the school to familiarize the students with Finnish and English languages as well as the culture of Finnish and Anglo-Saxon language areas.

The School, founded in 1945, is a pioneer of bilingual education in Finland. International student body and faculty form a close-knit community valuing responsible humanity, tolerance, multiculturalism, and disciplined work habits.

The English School offers instruction in 2-year primary school (5-6-years-olds), comprehensive school (classes 1-9) and high school. The curriculum follows the national guidelines, but places a special emphasis on both English and Finnish languages. Classes are taught in English or Finnish, depending on the subject. The high school prepares students for the Finnish matriculation examination as well as internationally acknowledged SAT and Cambridge examinations.