School begins on Thursday, August 11th
Preschool 1 (registration only for the Parents) from 12:00noon to 03:00pm
Preschool 2 at 09:00am
Elementary School at 09:00am
Middle School at 09:00am
High School at 10:00am

Lukioon hyväksytyt opiskelijat 2016

Students accepted to High School 2016

School days and Vacations 2016-2017

Kevään 2016 ylioppilaskuva

Abit lähtivät

Old's Dance

Bruce Oreck visiting The English School

Former US Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck, gave a talk to the high school students and the ninth graders of The English School.

Studying Art & Design, Spanish and Geography = A Trip to Barcelona

Linda Liukas visiting The English School

All the elementary school students and 7th graders got to try programming in the gym in the lead of Linda Liukas.Students became programmers - and computers - in an instant. More than 300 students acting as programmers and computers gave an energetic start for the week. We are looking forward to working with Linda in the future, too. Read more...